About us

Stampify firmly believes in collaboration of people and technology to digitalize the corporate governance and enhance the decision-making processes while consistently empowering boards, executives and shareholders with innovative tools.

  • September 2017 – Incorporation in Estonia; The building a marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors on the blockchain;
  • December 2017 – Due to external factors on the global market, Stampify pivoted its strategy;
  • March 2018 – Guillaume de Vergnies, the new CEO, and Bernard Legros, co-founder, took a decision to move to Luxembourg;
  • September 2018 – A member of the  Luxembourg House of Financial Technology;
  • April – December 2019 – Building and testing on beta clients a corporate governance platform in partnership with another startup;
  • January – March 2020 – Enriching the team; Proprietary prototype of a digital boardroom platform;
  • April 2020 – the Crisis Platform launch;
  • May 2020 – the winner of “StarupVsCovid19” program initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Luxinnovation.

Governance is cost and time inefficient

for every organisation and company

  • Meeting planification and organization are ineffective due to papers and emails
  • The flow of information is often redundant and unsecured
  • Many procedures are still hardcopies based and most signed documents are scanned hand-written signatures
  • Documentation workflow does not benefit from any automation. It is an audit weakness leaving an unreliable trail

Digitalisation with a governance framework in one secured platform based on digital identity

  • Automation of meeting workflows and engagements including agenda preparation, attachments, comments and evoting
  • The flow of sensitive information in one secured platform based on the legal digital ID
  • Digitalization and legalization of the document signing workflows
  • The permanent audit trail on the platform

Market Opportunity

191474 294234

Total Available Market

30 Mio of companies and organizations in the EU


Gross margin, > 90%
LTV, 3 years
Customer acquisition cost, 125 EUR

Payback Period​

Conservative average on package offer (in years)