Stampify can help any type of organization meet its governance goals, but we have worked extensively with some industries to provide more dedicated tools already.

The goal of Stampify has always been to agglomerate all companies’ governance in one place.

For fiduciaries, this means that files can be shared through sessions, with the required levels of access control, to empower people accross organizations.

Our institutions often need to organize the projects they carry with the best possible governance – as they need to be transparent to the tax payer.

Stampify eases this transparency obligation by providing a platform for all shareholders to meet, take decisions, and commit publicly or not on them.

It has never been easier to manage an executive project !

Oftentimes,  companies working in accelerators and shared office spaces lack the governance required by the customers and/or investors they target.

Stampify can help these companies achieve success by having due governance from day one, and, in order to do so, is happy to jump on deals with accelerators and shared offices operators to provide Stampify platform at the best price.

Stampify has moved its platform to not only support typical companies AGM’s and governance, but also the specific real estate flows.