eMeeting solution

Customisable platform to run shareholder meetings, board and committee meetings

Anywhere, anytime, any device

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Are you trying to solve


  • Inability to hold physical meetings due to pandemic
  • Overloaded with printed materials
  • Inefficient meeting planning
  • Lost track of document versions


eMeeting solution

Automate & digitise meeting preparation and management

Automate the follow-up and documentary signing

Run meetings and store the documentation in one secured cloud environment

User two-steps authentication to secure platform access

Creation of reliable audit trail and traceability

Simple and secured onboarding of users from 146 countries

Fully scalable solution

Virtual & Hybrid


Save the time of directors and committee members by aggregating all decision-making elements in one dashboard. Create the meeting agenda, record the decisions, create the meeting minutes and sign them digitally in one place.

Virtual & Hybrid


Make the AGM transparent and accessible for every shareholder from anywhere and any device. Automatically invite members via the platform, vote online, digitise signing of AGM’s minutes and monitor every step of the meeting online. 



Centralised meeting data and documents in one secured place accessible to participants at any time.


Save time on meeting preparation thanks to automated invitations, notifications, centralised information. Monitor the meeting progress and results easily, simplify the follow-up process through digital signing of minutes.

Go green

Reduce your carbon footprint along with costs thanks to digitising and automating the workflows.


Record actions, votes and decisions.Time stamping and audit trail.

Run your meetings in a virtual dimension