eVoting solution

Secure platform to manage online voting easily and transparently

Anywhere, anytime, any device

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  • Misrecordings and misrepresentation due to the paper-based workflow
  • Inability to vote due to lack of physical presence of voting members
  • Low participation rate of voters
  • Lack of automation, security & transparency in voting results
  • Time & cost-ineffciency


eVoting solution

Manage voting efficiently and securely

Facilitate voter participation thanks to wider accessibility

Customise the voting parameters (majority, strength)

Real-time recording and visualisation of voting results

Guarantee confidentiality and integrity

Reduce costs by digitising the process



Increase the participation rate by eliminating the location and travel obstacles. A voter can participate from any location and using any device with an Internet connection.


Online provides complete privacy and integrity of the voting process. The personal meeting report verifies the votes and general results. No modifications are possible without being detected.


The organisers identify the list of voters, and only these users will have access to the voting space. Thanks to the encryption algorithm, the votes remain secret during the voting process.


Automation of the voting preparation and management saves time and reduces costs. The results are calculated automatically and instantly.

For sharper, faster & more secure decision-making